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How to include your children in your DIY home renovation project

DIY renovation projects are exciting, yet sometimes stressful periods in one’s family journey. Our homes change and evolve together with us, and it is great to provide ourselves and our loved ones with a fresh start once in a while by renovating.

However, we are all creatures of habit, and this is especially true for our children. The refurbishment process is a time when the family routine will be at least partially disrupted, and the young ones will be put out of their comfort zone for some time. We must give them the tools they need to get through this period without feeling frustrated or ignored.

Here are our tips on how to include your children in your DIY home renovation project and make it less stressful for them:

     1. Prepare them in advance – As a rule, the younger the children, the more time they need to get used to the idea of big changes in their daily life. Give them that time. You can sit down as a family and discuss what is to happen and why it is a great adventure to look forward to. This way they will know what to expect in advance and be prepared. It will save both you and them some negative emotions in the future.



2. Choose the right time – Usually the summer months are the preferred time to renovate. However, both schools and kindergartens are closed during this period and your kids will most likely spend their days at home. No matter how enthusiastic and invested in the whole process they may be, it will be hard for them to stay around all the time and comply with the house`s new safety rules. And it will certainly be difficult for you to focus on your project. Thus, if possible, we advise you to schedule your renovation during spring or autumn, when your children will be at school, and the weather is going to be favourable.


3.  Put safety first – There are some parts of the refurbishment process that are just not safe for kids to be around of. If possible, keep them away from home at a sleepover when the heavy lifting is being executed, especially if there are very loud noises, fumes, or debris.



4. Let them make small decor decisions – Especially for their room. Children have a rich imagination and love to dream. Ask for their opinion on what would make their space amazing. We know you might not like the idea of putting a giant spaceship in the middle of the room or covering the walls in dark blue, but perhaps you could choose several theme options that you feel comfortable with and let them pick the one they like the most. This small compromise would make the little ones proud of their input in the design and the whole renovation process more enjoyable for them.


5. Ask for their help – Kids love taking part in the important family decisions and tasks. Ask for their help and include them as much as possible. If they are of age and able to participate, why not even let the children paint some less visible parts of the rooms for example? There are small paint rollers and brushes that would fit perfectly in their hands. The youngsters would be proud of their input and the work they have done.


6. Have some fun together – Renovating is a stressful period for the whole family. You should use every opportunity to take a break from all the responsibilities and have some fun together. Do something crazy that will let you relax and bond with your children. Your walls will get painted anyways, so why not forget about the rules and allow your young Picasso to make his art on the whole wall? Maybe you can even join in and make it a family night of pizza, painting, and pure fun. In a while, these will become warm memories you would cherish and revisit with a smile.  




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