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Pets and Home Renovations: How to Ensure Your Furry Friends Stay Safe and Stress-Free

Hey there! My name is Max , and I am a dog.

I have lived with my humans for seven years now , and I have seen my fair share of crazy. But this was something else... You see , nothing , and I mean nothing , could have prepared me for the chaos that ensued when they decided to embark on the oh - so - fun adventure of home renovation, and I was dragged along for the ride.

It all started with the humans talking excitedly about " refreshing the living space " and " adding a pop of color. " I didn`t really understand what they were talking about - it all seemed fine to me. Sure - maybe there were some stains here and there , and my right paw was marked right next to the entrance , but these things add charm to the place!

Anyways , the day came when the humans moved all the furniture out of the room. At first , this was great news because it meant I had a free pass to jump on the couch and chew on my favorite toy.
But then they started bringing in all these strange contraptions - paint rollers , brushes , trays - you name it. And let me tell you - I didn`t like it at all. Why not? - you will ask. More stuff to chew! - you will say. And you will be horribly wrong!

The first (and only) time I decided to sniff around and see what's all the fuss about , they freaked out! It didn't seem to be a problem when they were putting paint everywhere they wanted , but when I gave my two cents and stepped in a paint tray to leave several paw prints on the floor , they totally lost it! Afterward , super slippery drop clothes were placed everywhere around , and I was sent under the sofa. Two whole days I stayed there!

But the worst part? The smell. Oh , my dog , the smell. I mean , I've smelled some bad things in my day , but this was next level. It was so overwhelming that it made me sneeze and cough like a foghorn with a cold!

And do you know what we went through all the crazy for? Yellow. Not a lovely bone beige , not a fetching shade of green - YELLOW!

Let me tell you - if they start talking about " accent walls " and " wallpaper ," I quit!


Home renovations are exciting , but they can also be stressful for your furry friends. It's important to take steps to protect your pets during a renovation to ensure their safety and well - being. Read the following four tips that will help you keep your pets safe during a home renovation :

Keep them away from hazardous materials.

During a renovation , there may be hazardous materials lying around , such as paint , glue , and chemicals. Keep your pets away from them to prevent getting sick or injured.

Designate a safe space for them.

Designate a room in the house where your pets can stay during the renovation. Make sure it is a quiet , comfortable space where they can relax and feel safe.

Stick to their routine.

Stick to the routine of your pets as much as possible. Feed them at the same time every day , take them for walks , and give them plenty of attention.

Monitor their behavior

Keep an eye on your pets' behavior during the renovation. If you notice any signs of stress or anxiety , such as excessive barking or hiding , take steps to address their needs.

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