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About us

Antares Ltd. is a family owned company, founded in 1996 and specialized in manufacturing paint rollers, paintbrushes and tools for professional and home applications. Since our foundation, our main goals have always been:

  • to ensure consistent high quality and long service life of our products;
  • to provide an individual approach towards meeting the needs of each customer and user;
  • to constantly update our technological equipment and improve the production process;
  • to win and preserve the trust of all our customers and suppliers.

In our commitment to achieve these goals, we have developed a fully closed production cycle by producing all components and details we need and purchasing only raw materials.

Our primary task has always been to satisfy your every need, to meet all of your requirements and to go beyond your expectations.


  • over 6000 sq.m. production and warehouse areas;
  • high performance line for the production of plastic pipes with gravimetric control;
  • a specialized premises for the production of plastic parts and components;
  • fully automated and robotized paint brush production line;
  • the most advanced technological equipment for the production of paint rollers;
  • fiber optic and CO2 marking laser machines with indexing tables;
  • CIJ (continuous inkjet) linear printers for continous printing;
  • closed production cycle (we only buy raw materials for the production of paint rollers, brushes and accessories);
  • a team of highly qualified specialists;
  • ISO 9001 certification from 2002;
  • strict control and selection of suppliers and incoming raw materials;
  • five-stage quality control of the finished product;
  • production capacity of more than 800,000 different products per month per shift;
  • experience in private label production.


  • a huge assortment of paint rollers, brushes and accessories for them, tailored to the needs of different markets;
  • guaranteed and consistent quality of the products we offer;
  • well-known trademark on the Bulgarian market;
  • constant availability of the products offered;
  • fast response and short delivery time;
  • production of painting tools according to customer specification;
  • еxcellent price-quality ratio;
  • focus on long-term relationships with all of our customers and suppliers.