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5 steps to be successful with your painting project

There are five key elements to any successful painting project, whether it is the simple painting of a ceiling or following several steps to create a special effect.


  1. INVEST IN QUALITY PAINT – It is easier to work with,  covers better, and lasts longer. Important characteristics include adhesion, flow and leveling, ease of stain removal, scrub resistance, burnish resistance and lack of spattering. Associates at your local home center will help you determine which paint is best for you.

2. INVEST IN THE BEST TOOLS – They make surface preparation and finish application easier and safer. Quality brushes and rollers hold more paint, produce smoother application and don’t leave bristles or lint that you`ll have to fish out of the drying paint. A good ladder provides a firm platform when a steady hand is needed. Painter`s tape is easy to apply and may be left in place for as long as one week prior to painting without tearing or lifting the underlying surface. Be sure to remove it right after painting.

3. PREPARE THE SURFACE CAREFULLY – Paint is an extremely thin coating - cracks, dents and holes will show through unless you fix them before you paint. If the wall is moist, sooty or greasy, the paint may eventually blister, peel or stain. Not even the best paint can conceal a poorly prepared surface.

4. TAPE OFF THE ROOM AND COVER SURFACES THAT WON`T BE PAINTED. It will save you time in the long run – and give you better results. Edging will have a more professional look. You will be able to paint at full speed, with less concern for spatters. And cleanup will be faster. You won`t have to scrape paint speckles, splotches, and drips from surfaces you didn`t intend to paint.

5.PAINT UNDER THE PROPER CONDITIONS. To get the best results, follow the manufacturer`s recommendations for maximum and minimum ranges of temperature and humidity.


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