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6 tips to stay sane during a home renovation

Home renovation projects are exciting and always mark a new beginning in our living space. But oftentimes, when things go over budget, take longer than expected or present other difficulties and surprises, they can become a bit overwhelming.

It is possible to get through the process unscathed, but if you don't prepare, unforeseen circumstances could turn the whole experience into a nightmare.

Here are our 6 tips that will help you survive and stay sane during your home makeover project.


1. Plan ahead

 Sounds like a cliché, but it makes the difference between a romantic adventure and a disaster. Even if there is a slight delay in some of the steps you planned (which is kind of inevitable), keeping a schedule will help you stay on track and be prepared for what comes ahead.




2. Budget wisely

It is never easy to manage and account for a budget, let alone one as complex as for a home renovation. We always remember to add on the list the few expensive items that we intend to buy, but things get out of hand quickly when the seemingly small stuff starts piling up. Good organization and thorough planning are key if you are aiming for a surprise-free experience. Even after a detailed calculation of all the obvious and hidden costs, we advise you to add an extra 15% just as a precaution. Miscalculations and increased prices happen, and you need to be prepared for that.


3. Invest in quality tools 

A home renovation is no cheap task, and it might be tempting to save on the small things that were probably missed in the initial budget calculation. Paint brushes, paint rollers, paint trays, sandpaper, drop clothes and other supplies cannot be directly seen in the end result and are often bought low-quality as a compromise. Keep in mind, however, that investing in cheaper tools usually leads to problems in the long run and worsens the overall quality of the result. Nobody wants to clean the freshly painted wall from bristles or linen.


4. Choose the right weather

When picking the time to renovate, you should consider the weather as an important factor in your decision. If your project includes working on the exterior or removing windows and doors, it would be best to schedule it for a warm season. You can work on indoor projects like painting through the winter, but you will need to turn up the heat to speed up the drying process.



5. Find a babysitter and a pet carer

Renovation is a messy process and keeping your child and your pet from all the intriguing, but currently dangerous zones in your household could be a hard task. If you have the possibility to ask for help, now is the time to use it so you can focus on finishing your project with flying colours.



 6. Look at the bigger picture

Renovation is a marathon, and sometimes a long one. It can be particularly challenging to live in the home that's being renovated, especially if you have children. Sometimes, when dust accumulates on your couch and pillow and it's hard to get to the bathroom without tripping over construction materials, it can be easy to get lost in frustration. In these cases, use every opportunity to get out of the house. Get some rest. Gain perspective. As hard it is now, keep in mind the progress you have made so far. At the end of the day, your project will be completed, and you will have years to enjoy the results achieved.

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