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Gold Stripe Midi

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"Gold stripe" paint roller is the perfect solution when painting smooth and semi-rough surfaces, providing an excellent finish on the treated areas.


Suitable for alkyd paints, primers, enamels, polyurethane paints and varnishes, waterborne paints and various types of resins and bitumen. This paint roller is an excellent choice for both professional and DIY use.

Technical specifications:

The rollers of this type are made of high-quality coating with a pile length of 13mm. The fibres have high density and exceptionally fine structure, which further increases their absorption capacity. Each fibre is thermally fixed to the core, which guarantees very high strength and durability. The “Gold Stripe’s” length of service equals thousands of square meters.

This product is also available in the following sizes:

Gold Stripe Mini (φ17) | Gold Stripe Maxi (φ42) | Gold Stripe Supermax (φ52)

Tech Specification

CodeDiameterLengthRollers in packageRefill codeRefills in package
110325 mm90 mm1405103510
110425 mm110 mm1205104450
110525 mm160 mm1005105310
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