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Microfibre Midi

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„Microfibre” is a very good choice for painting smooth and slightly rough surfaces.


An excellent tool for applying alkyd and polyurethane paints, primers, varnishes and water dispersion paints. It absorbs a large amount of paint, applies it evenly over the painted surface and leaves much less drops during work. „Microfibre” is a roller for professional use.

Technical specifications:

This type of paint rollers has a special cover with 12mm. fibre length. It is characterized by high density (56,000 microfibres per square centimeter) and excellent absorption capacity. If properly maintained, these rollers have long service life and are reusable.

This product is also available in the following sizes:

Microfibre Mini (φ17)Microfibre Maxi (φ42) | Microfibre Supermax (φ52)

Tech Specification

CodeDiameterLengthRollers in packageRefill codeRefills in package
130325 mm90 mm1405303480
130425 mm110 mm1205304400
130525 mm160 mm1005305270
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