Roller handles

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The handle construction is one of the most important elements to consider when choosing a paint roller. In order to provide extra comfort and convenience during work, we produce our handles with a special ergonomic design for long-lasting, fatigue-free use.

Technical specifications:

Antares`s paint roller handles are made from impact-resistant polypropylene and are completely resistant to all types of solvents. They are not affected by low temperatures - the material remains flexible and does not break. The handles are produced with a texture at the top, preventing the thumb from sliding during operation. They are made with a special inside thread, which makes them fit to both standard cone extensions and classic household brush extensions.

Tech Specification

CodeDiameterUse with roller
98306 mm60/70 mm
98416 mm60/70 mm - Long wire
98326 mm120 mm
98316 mm100/110 mm
98426 mm100/110 - Long wire
98336 mm150/160 mm
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