Stucco roller - Filler Master

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The Stucco roller - Filler Master is suitable for applying putty and plaster on walls or ceilings, for sealing joints between plasterboard sheets and for covering micro-perforated, self-adhesive or fiberglass jointing tapes (drywall tapes).

Technical specifications:

This kind of specialized paint roller is made from 18mm long durable polyamide fibers, bonded to the core by thermofusion technology.

Additional benefits:

  • Stucco roller is produced by special low-spatter design, which allows the application of the putty compounds and fillers evenly onto the treated surface;
  • It is easy to clean after use;
  • More efficient than a trowel when applying the material;
  • Gives the opportunity to apply leveling compounds up to 30%-50% faster and with less effort.

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