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Apolo PolyMix Paint Brush

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Apolo Polymix is a series of paint brushes with synthetic bristles, specially designed to fulfil the needs of professional painters. It is characterized by a dense and soft structure that allows very good application of the paint. The bristle has split ends which prevents the bubble formation during work. The ferrule is made of stainless steel and is attached to the handle by nailing, thus guaranteeing greater strength. This composition gives the product very good performance characteristics and long service life. Properly used and maintained after work, the brush retains its properties and can be reused.


  • To be used with: water-based paints, enamels and primers (uneven surfaces); acrylate systems; silicate paints; water-borne wood varnishes
  • Width of the paint brush: from 1.0'' to 4.0'' (from 25.4mm. to 101.6mm.)
  • Thickness: from 17mm. to 24mm.
  • Type of the bristle: synthetic
  • Bristle color: Cinnamon Brown
  • Resin: special epoxy resin
  • Material of the handle: plastic
  • Fixing the head to the ferrule: nailing
  • Additional features: hanging hole

Tech Specification

CodeSizePcs in package
32301.0" - 25 / 1512
32311.5" - 38 / 1612
32322.0" - 50 / 1812
32332.5" - 64 / 2012
32343.0" - 76 / 2212
32354.0" - 100 / 2412
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