Epoxyline 12 mm Mini

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The professional roller „Epoxy Line 12mm.” is designed for treating slightly uneven surfaces. (For working on smooth surfaces, a better option would be „Epoxy Line 6mm.”).


The product is completely resistant to all types of solvents. It is an excellent choice to use with aggressive systems, impregnators and industrial coatings. It gives particularly good results when used with one and two-component epoxy and polyurethane systems.

Technical specifications:

The fabric is made of special type of polyamide, produced by continuous weaving, using the „Endless polyamide” technology. Each fibre is thermally fixed to the roller base with „Thermofusion” technology, which is an additional guarantee for the high solvent resistance and the long life cycle of this product.

Tech Specification

CodeDiameterLengthRollers in packageRefill codeRefills in package
107017 mm70 mm19050701100
107117 mm110 mm1455071600
107217 mm150 mm1105072400
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