Orion Lux Paint Brush

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Orion Lux is a logical continuation of Antares Ltd.'s best-selling series of paint brushes – Orion. While retaining all the benefits of a standard Orion brush (increased ability to absorb and deliver the paint on the treated surface; split hair tips for a smooth and even finish without blistering, durability and high quality), extra hair length is added here, guaranteeing convenience and opportunity to cover large work areas. The use of Orion Lux makes it possible to fully realize the potential of high-end paints without the hassle of splitting bristles during work.


  • To be used with: suitable for all types of paints and varnishes
  • Width of the paint brush: from 30 mm. to 100mm.
  • Thickness: from 13mm. to 19mm.
  • Tops: 90%
  • Bristle color: natural
  • Resin: special epoxy resin
  • Material of the handle: plastic
  • Fixing the head to the ferrule: nailing
  • Additional features: hanging hole

Tech Specification

CodeАртикулШиринаДебелинаPcs in package
3271Орион Лукс 3030мм.13 мм.12
3272Орион Лукс 4040 мм.15 мм.12
3273Орион Лукс 5050 мм.15 мм.12
3274Орион Лукс 6060 мм.19 мм.12
3275Орион Лукс 7070 мм.19 мм.12
3276Орион Лукс 8080 мм.19 мм.12
3277Орион Лукс 9090 мм.19 мм.12
3278Орион Лукс 100100 мм.19 мм.12
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