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Purple Stripe Supermax

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„Purple Stripe” paint roller is designed for interior and exterior painting on smooth and semi-rough surfaces.


A paint roller for professional use, suitable for painting with water-borne paints, paints based on acrylate dispersions and silicate paints.

Technical specifications:

The roller is characterized by an extremely thick coating and high density. The fibres „Purple Stripe” is composed have 16-18mm. height and has a specific structure. Each fibre has three tanks to ensure good paint absorption and uniform distribution over the working surface. The product retains excellent operational performance during a working cycle of thousands square meters.

This product is also available in the following sizes:

Purple Stripe Midi (φ25) | Purple Stripe Maxi (φ42) | Purple Stripe Jumbo (φ60)

Tech Specification

CodeDiameterLengthRollers in packageRefill codeRefills in package
116352 mm120 mm505163100
116452 mm180 mm40516460
116552 mm220 mm35516550
116652 mm240 mm30516645
116752 mm350 mm12516730
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