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Decorator Jumbo

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The padded „Decorator” paint roller is an excellent choice for treating very uneven surfaces.


It is very suitable for applying water-based paints, primers and varnishes. It allows for much less droplets during work. Designed for professional use.

Technical specifications:

The rollers of this type are manufactured with a special type of fabric with a fibre length of 16mm.. It consists of 66% microfibre, which provides excellent absorption capabilities of the product and 34% acryl, which guarantees the perfect finishing layer on the treated surfaces. When used properly, „Decorator” rollers have a long service life and are reusable.

  • The roller handle has a rod thickness of 8mm, ensuring greater strength.
  • The padded Decorator paint roller is an excellent choice for painting very rough surfaces.
  • Thanks to the pad, the paint reaches even the most difficult to access areas.
  • The working capacity is increased by 20% due to the extended outer diameter of the roller.
  • This tool has a longer life cycle – the pad softens the contact between the roller and the hard and abrasive surface, which protects the cover from wearing out.

This product is also available in the following sizes:

Decorator Midi (φ25) | Decorator Maxi (φ42) | Decorator Supermax (φ52)

Tech Specification

CodeDiameterLengthRollers in packageRefill codeRefills in package
166560 mm180 mm35566540
166660 mm200 mm30566635
166760 mm220 mm30566735
166860 mm240 mm25566830
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